Activating the Business of Art: For Artists, Curators, Gallerists and Creatives.



Created to connect the dots between Art and Business. "It's not just about pretty pictures", it's about creating a connection, a memorable experience and A BRAND.  From the initial concept to closing the deal, it's imperative to know, believe and understand that ART Is The BRAND.  

  • Specialized Workshops/Training

  • Brand Marketing Consulting Services

  • Brand Management and Activation

  • Social Media Auditing, Development and Analysis

  • Special Event Planning and Management Services

  • One on One Art Coaching

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ART is the BRAND
Workshop and WEBINAR Series:
Intro Workshop

"It's not just about pretty pictures".  Art is a business.  This workshop series is all about connecting the dots and understanding what it takes to grow your footprint, spotlight your presence and EXPAND your brand.

In the Introductory Workshop, Brand/Social Media Marketer with more than 20 years experience and an Award Winning Artist, Bryant Small will guide you through defining your BRAND, properly marketing yourself in this fast paced, competitive landscape and resetting your mind for Business. This workshop will help Artists and Creatives to understand just how important it is to have a foot in both worlds.

”Behind The Curtain: Pricing/Commissions and Conditions… I’ve Created - Now What!?!”
April 28, 2019 - 2-4 PM ET
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 Feedback on the Art Branding 101 Workshop:

  • "I honestly feel like ArtIstheBrand was heaven sent. One week ago I was literally googling "PR for artists," desperately in search of someone with a professional insight that could help take my artwork to the next level. I was on the verge of hanging up my hat, and BOOM I accept an invitation to a career-changing workshop... Art Is The Brand Artist Workshop. i cannot say enough great things about's a workshop meets best-artist-friends pow-wow lol. My only critique is the fact I have to wait an entire month before the next one, I am hooked & need more knowledge sooner than that lol!

    On a serious note, thank you so much for recognizing & filling such a critical void in the art world. You & your ideas + expertise are so necessary."

  • "Art Branding 101 with Bryant was super informative, going through his workshop and answering tough questions helped me realize that I really can be a working artist making a living, instead of a starving artist. I am really excited, I can't wait until the next session!"

ART is the BRAND
Workshop Series:
Workshop Modules

Following the Introductory Workshop, ART is the BRAND offers a series of specialized workshop modules that cover the full gamut of the Art Business, Marketing and Branding.  From "How-to" sessions on Pricing and Finances, to sessions on Social Presence, Organization and Networking, ART is the BRAND, provides you with an arsenal of strategic thought starters and proven techniques to grow and build your BRAND.

  • The Support System

  • Brand Personality: Face to The Brand

  • What Type of Artist Are You?

  • Everything Has a Price…. (Finances and Pricing) - Don’t Undersell Yourself

  • Engaging The Mind For Business

  • Breaking Through The Clutter

Session Two:
Behind The Curtain: Pricing/Commissions and Conditions… I’ve Created - Now What!?! :  In this workshop, we get down to the business of Money.  What to expect once you’ve created… How do you price your work? Is this too high? What about commissions?  Why should “they" make money, when I do the work? 

And we’ll talk Target Markets.  Who am I selling to? Let’s sort it all out and get to the right people.

Feedback on the Behind The Curtain: Pricing/Commissions Workshop:

  • “After attending this session, I really get what I need to do… I understand how I should be pricing my art to make the money I’m supposed to make for my work! And not feel uncomfortable with talking about it! Thanks for this Bryant!!”

  • “The session on pricing was eye opening! There are many things I now need to go back and think on. Bryant not only gave me great feedback on what I was doing but he also offered up suggestions and constructive critique on how to move forward, I’m definitely learning so much and am already feeling more productive!”

Session Three:
From The Door To the Walls: It’s Showtime. It’s GO TIME

Art is The Brand - and you are part of that.  From the moment you walk into the door- you are your Brand.  This session is a Survival Kit - dealing with feedback and difficult situations.  We will cover what it takes to sustain and maintain business both online and offline and IN PERSON.

”Behind The Curtain: Pricing/Commissions and Conditions… I’ve Created - Now What!?!”
April 28, 2019 - 2-4 PM ET
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Bryant is like a breath of fresh air! It is amazing how he maintains his constant positive attitude and professionalism. I have worked with Bryant on various projects over the course of the last three years and with each project, he brings a sense of calm and excitement that is unmatched. Bryant has great communication skills and can convey information to a level of detail that very easily understood by all. He is also very attentive to the clients’ needs and will work to create successful programs on a consistent basis.
— Janice Schmitt, Aegis Strategies, LLC
Bryant is a highly-creative, solutions based marketer who understands what it takes to get the job done. Detailed oriented and a spirited team leader, Bryant is able to hone in on new opportunities and ventures to build corporate brand recognition and achieve business goals.
— Jane Staunton, VP Senior Relationship Management, TD Private Client Wealth
As a consummate professional, Bryant exhibits the highest level of leadership, responsibility, intelligence, reliability, and fortitude. Bryant’s work in marketing is a testament to exemplary job performance. As a team player, he garners his colleagues respect with his friendly, positive attitude, bright personality, and thoughtful consideration for others around him.
— Ria Lubis, Marketing and Communications Professional
Bryant is a skilled marketer with a knack for tapping into creative with every project he worked on. He planned his events with an attention to detail and always ensured his clients’ needs were met and goals were surpassed. Bryant is a team player and I would welcome a chance to work with him again
— Amy Goldman, Consumer & B2B Marketing at Ripple Street (Formerly House Party)


ART is the BRAND was created to help Artists, Curators, Gallerists and Creatives grow their brands.  After more than 20 years in the Marketing Industry, working for, managing and creating Brands and Campaigns for companies like Nielsen, Viacom, Electronic Arts, Apple, HTC, PepsiCo., Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft Foods, Comcast, TNT, Sony Pictures, Diageo Brands as well as non-profit Associations and Start Ups, I understand what it takes to build business.  Now, while growing in the Art Industry, by trial, error, and great successes, I've learned that there's a huge gap in what it means to be "successful in ART".

This is why "ART is the BRAND" was created.